PR213893Tahirih Michot has designed and facilitated diverse processes for groups and teams over the past 20 years.  Her practice cultivates and nurtures the skills and competencies of her clients so that they can create dynamic and responsive institutional environments. Tahirih particularly seeks initiatives that are both innovative and creative in their approach to the learning experience of individuals and teams.

Her professional experience and educational background has strengthened her acumen in four organisational areas – process design, user-centred research, capacity building and strategic planning. Given that organisations are unique, Tahirih’s work seeks to fit the specific needs and desired outcomes of each type of organisation and its team.

Process Design

Tahirih designs processes for groups and teams of people that are tailored to achieve tangible outcomes for clients. Her ability to create responsive processes has resulted in powerful shifts for individuals and groups. She has been involved in the design and facilitation of several innovative medium term projects. These have included a professional development programme for economic development practitioners working in the public sector in South Africa; a series of leadership programmes for management development at the One & Only Cape Town; and a senior leadership support process for Silverstar Casino focused on building a unified team.

User-Centred Research

Tahirih conducts user-centred research to support her clients develop their offering, services and teams. Her work in this area focuses on design thinking and action learning/action research. She works with teams to co-create client and staff persona’s, map their journeys, prototype new offerings and refine service blue prints. Tahirih has used this work to support her clients with a team expansion, workspace re-design, introduction of new ways of working, formation of a new department, merger of teams or departments, development of a new service or offering as well as leadership development.

Capacity Building

Tahirih offers organisations capacity building programmes which are experiential and engaging for participants. Her workshops focus on leadership skills, team building and communication skills. Her experience in consciousness coaching enables her to assist individuals and groups to access their full potential.  Some of the companies she has designed and facilitated programmes with are Tswalu Kalahari, Babylonstoren, Newmark Hotel Group, Petousis Hotel Group, Cape Cookies, Steenberg Farm, Fairview and Spice Route.

Strategic Planning

Tahirih works with individuals, groups, and teams to facilitate their thinking and planning around project design and implementation. She provides process facilitation and mentoring.  Her approach engages participants, supports problem solving, and creative collaboration. Her professional experience in research, project management and capacity building enable her to address and respond to the needs of individuals, groups and teams, particularly during the implementation of projects. Tahirih has worked with Babel restaurant, African Centre for Heritage Activities and Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges.

Project Details:

Medium term projects (i.e., range from 3 to 9 months) are preferable.


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