The Power of Reflection

I am big believer in the value of reflecting on one’s professional practice to make connections, deepen insights and harvest understanding. I have been consistently encouraged by people who have mentored my professional growth to document and reflect. However, I suspect much of the joy I get from reflecting is from my love for writing, photography and documentation. I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction when learning becomes tangible and an abundance of insights are organised.

I use reflection based feedback as a short term tool to support ongoing engagement with specific teams. I consolidate my experience of sessions I have facilitated with teams. I involve co-facilitators in debriefing conversations after we have run sessions. I reflect on programmes and processes with my clients. I also invite participants to reflect on their experience during a programme.

These diverse conversations are documented to facilitate alignment of people, processes, discoveries and outcomes. My personal post-session reflections help me identify immediate needs in a group to be supported and operational issues to be addressed. Reflections with co-facilitation colleagues provides a space to align our expectations, roles and plan next steps together. I embed feedback from reflections into process reports. I create tools to track impact on participants and the environment they are part of.

However, my functional focus on short-term outcomes for specific clients and teams has meant that I miss out on stepping back and seeing the big picture. I know there are valuable connections between the experiences of different colleagues, teams, companies and systems. This is why I have decided to start this blog. My intention is twofold: to reflect on the big picture, make connections and improve my own practice and to connect with other professionals involved in the practice of human development.

I look forward to seeing where this exploratory engagement takes me!